Re:CO2 systems

     >> Today while waiting to get my 2 lb CO2 bottle filled at a weldin 
     >> inquired about a 10 lb bottle.  The discussion led to building a 
     >> system.  The individual I talked to said he would be able to sup 
     >> bottle, valve, regulator and gauges for somewhere around $250.  
     >> manual system you would also need a needle valve to regulate the 
     >> the aquarium.  FYI, I add CO2 continuously using a needle valve 
     >> the rate.  This has worked very well for almost 3 years. 
     >I'm sure he could since that's close to $100 more than it would cost 
     >if you put it together yourself!<g>
     I put together my own 20 lb bottle, plus a regulator and the 
     "Cadillac" NuPro needle valve for about $175.