CO2 System, House Plants and Lighting

Subject: CO2 System

Doug Skokna wrote:

> Today while waiting to get my 2 lb CO2 bottle filled at a weldin
> inquired about a 10 lb bottle.  The discussion led to building a
> system.  The individual I talked to said he would be able to sup
> bottle, valve, regulator and gauges for somewhere around $250.  
> manual system you would also need a needle valve to regulate the
> the aquarium.  FYI, I add CO2 continuously using a needle valve 
> the rate.  This has worked very well for almost 3 years. 

I'm sure he could since that's close to $100 more than it would 
cost if you put it together yourself!<g>


Subject: "Aquatic" House Plants

> In a message dated 96-10-28 16:09:21 EST, you write:
> >I'd try planting it in a flower pot on your window sill. It doe
> >sound like an aquatic from your description. Is it Aucuba japon
> >(Gold Dust Plant)?
> Do you think this would really work?   I purchased this out of a
> Pet Food Warehouse assuming it was an aquatic plant.  Is this a 
> practice to put "house plants" in tanks and sell them as aquariu
>  Time I guess to head to the library and find a good book on aqu

Unfortunately, it's all too common a practice!  The only way to 
protect yourself is to know what you're buying _befoer_ you bring 
it home!


Subject: Lighting, from another angle

> good reflector can almost double the intensity at the BULB.  > 
Aluminum foil is quite good, but a good coat of white paint > 
isn't all that bad.

Actually, from what I've been told by lighting experts, aluminun 
foil is not _as good_ as glossy white paint.  Aluminum foil tends 
to scatter the light.  The only thing better than glossy white 
paint is a mirrored surface.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA