Re:Cladophora ID

     >No response about Cladophora the first time, I'll try once more. :-) 
     > Could somebody describe how to identify Cladophora from the other 
     > green filamentous algaes? What I have is green, grows in branching 
     > filaments and forms clumps like cotton around plant stems esp <snip>
     I do not believe Cladophora (or most algae) can be identified without 
     a microscope.  However, if you've got one, Cladophora is a unique 
     green algae that is distinguished from all others by having 
     multinucleated cells.  Other features include having branches with 
     many cells (others have only one cell per branch), and the branches 
     arise irregularly so that the arbuscular habit (the "main branch") is 
     almost lost.
     I took a marine algae class years ago, and I'm glad I never discarded 
     my books ;-)