Re: Oh no not hardness again.........

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996 00:31:36 GMT, spug at intlog_demon.co.uk (Sparrow)
>"dCH max 2 deg, dGH < 10 deg.
> Is dCH the same as kH used on the newsgroups?
In reply Cheng wrote:
>dCH is units for the carbonate hardness. kH is for alkalinity.
>But, alkalinity is the same thing as carbonate hardness:)

But Elizabeth (or Dave) wrote:
>dCH does NOT equal KH. The latter is a measure of alkalinity, while the 
>former is a measure of those Ca and Mg ions complexed with carbonate and 
>bicarbonate. dCH is a particularly nasty and completely useless parameter 
>which may even turn your brain to mush if you think about it too often!
Leaving Spug more confused than ever, with a brain already turned to
mush, without even having begun to use the units
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