Cladophora green thread algae treatment

No response about Cladophora the first time, I'll try once more. :-)
> Could somebody describe how to identify Cladophora from the other
> green filamentous algaes? What I have is green, grows in branching
> filaments and forms clumps like cotton around plant stems esp
> small ones like Lilaeopsis. It seems to attach to Lilaeopsis
> and other leaves too so it's hard to be sure you've got it all
> by mechanical means.
> Do you think that treating some delicate plants in a copper
> solution in a separate tank might be an effective treatment for
> Cladophora? I plan to do the bleach treatment for my 50 gallon
> tank this weekend and set it up with an experimental substrate
> but I'm concerned that many of the delicate plants can't survive
> a 4 minute bleach for Cladophora (if it's what I have).
> Perhaps it might be better to take a small piece of these
> fast growing plants like Elodea, that seems to be algae free
> and grow it separately for a while to be sure and then
> introduce it later. If all visible Cladophora is gone,
> can we be sure it's not present on the growing tips of
> Elodea or other fast growers?
> Steve