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Hi everyone out there. This is my first time posting a message here. I
have a 90 gal. heavily planted tank, with manual CO2 injection, coupled
to a 6 minute timer made by Tork. This was acquired through a greenhouse
supplier. I set it at 4 seconds 'ON' every 2 minutes. My pH is around
6.8 when the light is on. Temperature is set at 74 degrees F. The CO2
will turn off with the lights. Lights (4X40 watts Verilux full spectrum)
is on for 8 hours per day. River sand for substrate with Substrate Gold.
I don't use any nutrient supplement. My plant seem to grow pretty well
except for the Vals. I have just increased my light duration to 10 hours
hoping the Vals will grow better. I'm interested to try out PMDD. What
does PMDD stand for ? I have the recipe but can't find a supplier for
the Fe and trace elements. Anyone out there can help find me a supplier
?  Thanks in advance.

Rainy, windy and cold in Ames, Iowa.