Another school question

I field as many of these as I can; I've got *no* idea about this one,
though.  -Cynthia

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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 14:16:45 -0500
From: Allison King & Robert Richardson <recall19 at mail_idt.net>
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Subject: Fern Question

Hello. I am working on a school research project. With all of your 
fern knowledge, I was wondering if you could answer a question. My 
biology class had been trying to find the answer to this since the 
beginning of the school year. One of the kids in the class mentioned 
that her relative has a type of fern that eats bananas. She claims that 
you put the banana on the plant and it eats it in about a week. The 
rest of the class does not believe her. We could not find any 
information on this type of fern. That is why our teacher is offering a 
bonus if anyone can find out what type of fern this is. If you have any 
information I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.

											-Allison King
												recall19 at mail_idt.net