Aquatic plants meetings on FR

This topic hasn't been brought up in a while, and interest has died down a
bit, but I'm going to announce this anyways.   

The FishRoom, an interactive chat program, hosts weekly meetings, including
plant meetings.  The meeting schedule is as follows:

All times are in USA Central Standard Time (GMT - 6:00)

    Planted tank meeting   Saturdays     3 PM       Plant Room
    Aquatic plant meeting  Wednesdays    2 PM       Plant Room

    Killifish keepers      Second Saturday of the month

                                         5 PM       Killifish Room

    Cichlid enthusiasts    Wednesdays   10 PM       Cichlid Room

    Catfish enthusiasts   Tuesdays      10 PM       Catfish Room 

To get to the FishRoom, telnet to kplace.monrou.com, port 1025.  For

telnet kplace.monrou.com 1025

If you haven't been on before, you will be asked for a login name.  Pick a
name for yourself.  If you picked a name that's never been used, you will
be recognized as a new user.  Proceed to follow the instructions presented
to you and you'll be logged in.  If you pick a name that's already taken,
you'll be asked for a password immediately.  If this happens, disconnect
and then try again with a different name.

Send me email if you need further help.

I'm not always available during these times, but I really don't have to be
around for serious plant discussions to take place, they happen a lot
anyways.  :-)

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Texas Instruments Inc.  Dallas, TX USA
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