Thanks, chlorine, Sandpoint and George's hood design

I give a blanket "thank you" to those who replied about turtles, frogs,
newts etc. in a paludarium. I definately won't be getting a turtle, though
I like them, but I may try a "Fire Belly Toad". They look pretty small to
eat fish and apparently will eat blood worms.
Scott Corbeil wrote:
.... After three minutes the plants appeared devoid of =
>chlorophyll,  virtually a mass of residual plant goo.  What did I do =
>wrong here.
I would say that 3 minutes was too long. Give them 2 minutes at most and
maybe less for more sensitive plants. Steve Pushak and I once really zapped
some plants with a chlorine mix way high and for about 10 minutes (by
mistake, of course). It killed almost everything -- however, the Lobeilia
Cardinalis came through okay and is still growing in my tank. Just thought
I'd note the hardiness of this plant.
Scott Corbeil wrote:
>I am intersted in  getting my hands on the SandPoint CO2 system.  I'm =
>aware they have gone out of business but thought there may be some =
>retailers out there who have units in stock.  I would also be interested =
>in talking with anyone who my be interested in selling such a system.

Me too. I don't think anyone but Sandpoint sold their controllers, did they?

On George Booth's hood design:

>> < On George`s hood, he has to go through the UNSPEAKABLE BOTHER
>> < of hitting a switch to avoid being blinded when he flips the
>Actually, this turned out to be a good thing.  When the front half
>is flipped up with the lights on, I can easily see if there are any
>spiders on the ceiling.

Right on George! My hood of this design has no switch on the front set of
lights. I love working in all that light and it never ceases to amaze when
I lift that hood and light up the whole room. Neighbours across the street
tell me they can always tell when I am working on the tank. :)

in glorious, sunny Vancouver -- today.