Length of break-in period for new tank

It has been 3-4 weeks since I have planted my 8x2x2' tank.  It is lighted
with 10 4' fluorescents, a combination of groluxes and some sort of hagen
bulb (forget what kind at the moment, one with a high CRI).  Initially I
had a problem with a red fluffy type of algae, which had started to coat
some plants, but then disappeared virtually overnight.  Now I have a
problem with some beard algae, and a slimy green algae.  I have cut back on
the light, and still have the algae problem.  Most plants are growing, just
not at the spectacular rates that my 55 does, and the lilleaopsis isnt
spreading at all.  Is the algae problem a result of the lower light
intensities, and relatively few plants?  Should I wait and see what happens
as the plants settle in, or break down and get some more intense lighting
(VHO or MH).

A second question.  Would a 400w MH be overkill, or just right for this
size tank.  The 400W one I saw would give 35-40000 lumens, so over my tank,
that would max out at 25000 lux, less when you consider the light will not
be restricted to the tank area itself.  Or should I go for 2 smaller

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