Re: Small Turtles

> From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
> Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 12:06:24 -0400
> Subject: Small Turtles
> Olga asks about small turtles.  My experience, as Curator of the Greater Iowa
> Aquarium Center, is that MOST, if not all,  aquatic turtles eat both plants
> and fish.  And, they eat LOTS of both! 
In my experience (I currently keep two juvenile red-eared sliders), 
aquatic turtles do not eat plants usually, if they can have fish or 
other food. They just destroy the plants by uprooting and shredding. 
However, when they eat plants, they usually take a bite from the 
lower part of the stem and let the rest of the leaf/plant float. 


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