Re: Silver-spotted plant ID

Rosebud asked.....

>I need help with plant ID.  
>As it is now, the plant is about 10 inches tall with about 5 inches of stem
>before the leaves start.  
>This plant has leaves that are opposite each other.  About 1/2 to 1 inch up
>the stem there is another set of leaves opposite the first.   Like the first
>leaves are east and west, the next leaves are north and south.
>The leaves are sort of oval, kind of like poplar or aspen,  with saw-tooth
>edged to a varying degree.
>A light green color with silvery-white spots, like a varigated philadendrom.
>I have had this in the tank for about 4 weeks and now where ever there were
>leaves there are roots starting to grow out.
>My question is:
>Does anyone know what this is?    and   Should I replant the stem of this
>plant since it seems to be looking for a place to root?

I'd try planting it in a flower pot on your window sill. It doesn't
sound like an aquatic from your description. Is it Aucuba japonica
(Gold Dust Plant)?

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