Re:Compact fluorescents

>From: Cliff Andrews <CLAndrews at gnn_com>
>Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 08:31:44

> I've added a new wooden canopy to my 100 gallon planted tank and instead of
>using the four 48" fluorescents I had hanging above the tank, I'm thinking
>about using all compact fluoresents inside the hood. I want to have better
>penetration of light to the bottom of the tank and the nice effect that
>comes with high intenity lighting. My aquarium is 20" deep. I dont want to
>go as far as MH lighting, I think that is over kill. I was planing on using
>PowerCompact 6700K Ultra-Daylight bulbs, how many ? I have not decided yet.
>So, is this a good idea or not ?
>Will I get all the color spectum the plants need ?
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They give a white-looking light that should cover the absorbtion spectrum
of chlorophyll and accessory light-absorbing pigments well.  I am thinking
of doing the same thing as you, Cliff.  One advantage of such a setup that
I see is that if I want to reduce the light level (which is the only way I
know to control a green water outbreak), all I have to do is unscrew the
big multi-tube lights and put in only one 8-watt single tube unit.  That
way I can reduce the light and reduce electricity consumption.  The other
alternative is to keep all the lights on and paper over the top of the tank
to cut out a lot of the light.

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