Compact fluorescents

 I've added a new wooden canopy to my 100 gallon planted tank and instead of 
using the four 48" fluorescents I had hanging above the tank, I'm thinking 
about using all compact fluoresents inside the hood. I want to have better 
penetration of light to the bottom of the tank and the nice effect that 
comes with high intenity lighting. My aquarium is 20" deep. I dont want to 
go as far as MH lighting, I think that is over kill. I was planing on using 
PowerCompact 6700K Ultra-Daylight bulbs, how many ? I have not decided yet.
So, is this a good idea or not ?
Will I get all the color spectum the plants need ?
I have been playing around with one small compact fluoresent unit I have. 
Its has two OSRAM 9w 50K bulbs in it. I did notice that a small amount of 
alge will grow in the gravel below it, good light penetration huh?