PL light

I am resending this as my posting below which I sent out on Oct 23 was not
in APD # 276  Oct 24 issue.


>Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 14:36:27
>To: APD
>From: KS Chan <chanks at pl_jaring.my>
>Subject: PL light
>I am thinking of assembling a small planted tank of 18"X10"X14" ht. and
>consider using the PL compact fluorescent light of 11 Watt, (PL-11). 
>Manufacturer claimed it gives out an equivalent of about 70W of light. 
>Can someone help me with these questions,
>1) Can this PL light be used for plants and how effective are they compare
>   to the normal plant lights
>2) Are there anyone using PL light for their plant tanks, tell me what is
>   experience with it. 
>3) What is the main color spectrum of this type of light 
>4) What kind of filter shall I use for this compact tank.
>5) What should be the optimum fish load.
>ks chan