suggestions on large swords?

I am trying to identify a large swordplant that the pet store I used to
work at has in a display tank.  It is very large (leaves 20 to 30"+), a
rosette type plant.  The leaves have a very short petiole (if I am using
the term correctly)  with the blade of the leaf running almost the entire
length.  The width is about 1/2 to 1", and terminates in a fairly sharp
tip.  The color is a dark green, and the leaves have a light green stripe
down the middle, crosshatched with mor stripes  that angle toward the tip,
almost out to the edge of the leaf.

This plant is huge, very beautiful, and we dont know what it is.  Could it
be a uruguayensis?  From the list, I thought that was synonomous with E
horemanni, which I just got today, and the unknow plant doesnt look like a

Any guesses?

Alan Van Nevel
Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division
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