Re: Hygrophila polysperma

> I have noticed that the leaves of h. polysperma sometimes turn upward, almost
> closing at the top of the stem.  Other times they are flat, extending
> straight out from the stem.  Still other times, they are turned down.  This
> does not seem to be strictly related to the light.  What does this mean?  Is
> this an indication of water condition?

they have just gotten enough watts*hours (or lumens*hours or something,
I'm not too good at physics) and then they have gone to sleep.  My
Hygro polys turn their leaves up too in the evenings little before the 
lights are turned off, but only when I don't have too old fluor bulbs 
(like I do right now).  I can't explain downward turned leaves.

Liisa Sarakontu  from freezing cold Southern Finland, where the first 
Bohemian waxwings (Bombycilla garrulus) arrived yesterday!