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Subject: Amano Tank Reply

There was a recent post with some questions about the Amano tanks.  I
accidentally deleted it, so I will try and answer most questions from

Bio Rio is a filter medium manufacturer by Aaua Design Amano.  It has a
high surface area for the colonization of bacteria.  Mr. Amano also uses
Bamboo Charcoal and Palm Net.  Palm Net has the ability to lower pH and
Total Hardness.

Mr. Amano almost always uses filtration.  He uses his Lily Pipe intake
and outflow tupes.  They are manufacturer from clear durable glass and
are designed to circulate the water without disrupting the layout.  Very
nice I may add. 

The reason you do not see the Lily Pipes in his photos is that he
temporarily removes them.  Think of it like removing your glasses before
taking a picture. :-)

Mr. Amano adds CO2 and O2 to most of his tanks.  He uses one of a series
of CO2 canister systems that ADA manufacturers.  These include bubble
counters, diffusers, reactors, etc. all in clear glass.

The ADA fertilizer line is called the Green Brighty Series (I believe
that the new English version Amano books Vol. 2 and 3 incorrectly refer
to them as "Variety").  They come in three steps, setup to 3 months, 3
months to a year, and a year plus, respectively.  Additionally, ADA
offers Brighty Lights for light loving plants and Brighty Shade for
shade loving plants.

With regards to actually seeing Mr. Amano's tanks, the answer is "Yes". 
Many people have seen his tanks first hand.  I believe that a member of
our list has actually been to Japan and visited ADA.  All it takes is
patience, perserverance, and creativity.

Let me know if you need more info.


Art Giacosa
Miami, Florida