Sandpoint pH meter & Crypt query

M. Morrissey asked about using the Sandpoint pH meter in more than one 
tank.  I am currently using CO2 in one tank along with the Sandpoint 
meter.  It is not an automated system--I turn the CO2 on and off with the 
lights.  The pH meter has a long enough lead enabling me to reach another 
tank in the same room to check its pH.  I check other tanks,out of reach, 
with buckets of water obtained from water changes. The probe should stay 
in the water several minutes before getting your reading.  This is all a 
little cumbersome I admit but it works.  Didn't somebody say that 
Sandpoint has gone out of business?
Now, I have a question:  I have some beautiful Crypt. pontederifolia (I 
think). It has pale-green leaves with light-rose undersides.  Lately when 
it puts out new leaves, it unfurls them incompletely.  The leaves remain 
curled slightly on one or both edges.  The plants still seem healthy but 
don't look as good in that state.  I have added a little more light 
recently but can't remember if the leaves did that before then or not.  I 
also increased the CO2 at that time to go with the added light.  Any 
opinions regarding the above factors or possible nutrient deficiencies?