Re: Source for peat

> From: rainford at Charleston_Net (Shon Rainford)
> can peat from a garden store be used in an aquarium?

Garden store peat is typically sphagnum moss. As such it is
spurned by true peat aficionados. It will have a greater biological
oxygen demand (BOD) than real peat. Having said that, I have a friend
who uses sphagnum moss in his tank with good results. The tank
hasn't been set up that long; probably about 6 months. I'm referring
to Bob Hunter's tank so maybe Olga might correct me on the tank
age. Personally, if I wanted to use peat, I think I'd try to find
the real thing but I don't think I'd buy what they sold in the
aquarium stores. It's not that I couldn't afford it; it's sort of
the principle of the matter. Garden stores do sell real peat in
a variety of forms but it's also kinda expensive. I've seen little
pressed disks but know little about them beyond that they're
supposed to be real peat.