Re: Substrate - greensand?

>From: Jeff & Denise Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com>
>        All this talk about substrate lately got me thinking.  I am also
>terrestrial gardener, and I use organic approaches.  I mix my own
>concoctions, and one of the ingredients is Greensand.  It is the source of
>Potash/potassium.  My organic gardening reference book says it's 7% total
>potash and has 32 trace minerals.  Hummmmm.  
>Has anyone tried this or heard of any benefits/side effects from its use.
>It "sounds" like it would be a nice addition to the laterite/gravel mix.
>am a little concerned that the potash may only be contained in the green
>that came off during the vinegar test.  But it is a naturally mined
>and is remove from the ground as "green sand".  

Green sand is a popular substrate among killifish keepers.  It might be a
useful addition to regular planted tanks.  Mmmmm.  It sounds like some
experimentation may be in order here.  :-)

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