Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #272

Kevin Conlin wrote:
>   It explains what the Fe (III) EDTA forms when exposed to sunlight and
>   O2, but not the mechanism of initial attack.  The CH2COOH groups get
>   pushed off the N atoms 1 at a time.)

Okay, So should the PMDD's be kept in the dark?

> The smaller daily dose of PMDD unfortunately lead to symptoms of
> potassium deficiency, particularly bent leaves in the H. polysperma.
> Cranking up the K2SO4 and KNO3 in the PMDD recipe solved this problem.
> With the exception of the giant duckweed, which is growing much more
> slowly, plant growth is once again exceptional.  It's actually a
> little better than before; the Rotala macrandra is awesome now,
> possibly due to the higher iron levels, and the plants bubble non-stop.

I noticed that Ludwigia Repens did not seem to mind the higher iron
levels either. Could this have something to do with it being another
reddish leaved plant, or maybe just coincidence?
> Anyway, to make a short story long, watch out for those trace elements,
> and only turn on the UV if there's an outbreak of disease in the tank.
Also, maybe watch out for those test kits too. Either our readings are
not very accurate, or the acceptable levels of iron are lower than what
I've been reading.

> From: Jonathan_Kirschner at Energetics_com (Jonathan Kirschner)
> Date: 22 Oct 1996 09:49:00 GMT
> Subject: New Tank Set-Up
> Well, this is going to be the big weekend.  I plan to tear down my
> tank, remove the undergravel plate, dip my Echinodorus and Java
> Fern in potassium permanganate solution to get rid of the snail eggs,
> and get set up for some serious aquascaping.

> Concerning the substrate... I have Tetra Hilena Crypto tablets.
> Should these be added to the gravel/laterite/Dupla tablet mix, or is
> this overkill?  Should they be used at all?

Probably overkill, Hilena Crypto is supposed to contain 1% Nitrogen, 25%
K2O or potash, and iron-sodium salt. (whatever that might be) Hard to
believe that there might be anything in there that might make or break
your new set-up. Anyway, you can add it later if you still want to. 

> I will also accept any advice proffered on what plants would work
> well in such a small tank.  As already indicated, lighting should not
> be a limiting factor.
> TIA,
> Jonathan

I also have a 20g long. These tanks are not very tall at all; so I would
try and stay with some low-growing species. I can tell you from
experience that Rotala Rotundifolia and Limnophila Sessiflora are bad
ideas. (get used to trimming about twice a week) A. Nana tucked in a
dark corner works nicely, as does C. Wendti. Ludwigia Repens is a fairly
fast grower, but the red color makes it worth the extra trouble for me.
H. angustifolia seems to grow slowly enough to not be a big problem, and
with lots of light, Lilaeopsis Novae Zelendiae should work.