PMDD ingredients

Hi folks,

I'm in the process of getting all the ingredients for PMDD. 

I've found some trace elements mix but its constituted somewhat differently
from that which is recommended. It made by an Australian company named 
Manutec. Its listed below:

  Sulfur as sulphate              6.29%
  Calcium as calcium carbonate    10%
  Magnesium as magnesium sulphate 3.62%
  Maganese as maganese sulphate   2.88%
  Iron as iron chelate            2.73%
  Copper as copper sulfate        1.25%
  Zinc as zinc sulfate            1.00%
  Boron as sodium borate          0.09%
  Molybendium as sodium molybate  0.0038%

  (Sorry about any those names I've misspelt)

I would like anyone's opinion on whether this would work in the PMDD.

From what little I know I assume I would need to add magnesium and maybe
some iron. Also the high level of copper worries me, and the calcium 
carbonate is going to mess up the hardness some. 

Secondly, I've come across this stuff called Sulfate of Potash for $6 
a kilo at my local K-mart. Is this the same stuff as potassium sulfate 
and will this stuff work?

Also, have any of you out there being using PMDD with no CO2 injection

Any responses greatly appreciated.

James Wong 
u2120863 at acsusun_acsu.unsw.edu.au