Re: High Nitrates (Where to find test kits)


> I have a 20  gal. tank with a few plants (not doing great but surviving) and a few fish 
> (12 small, 3 cory cats, & 2 midium angels) which seem to be doing fine.  NH3 and NO2 are 
> not present, NO3 is 200 ppm (that's as high as the test registers).  I am using an UGF 
> with 2" of gravel, 150 powerhead, and an external box filter (with carbon).  After 
> changing water (25%) the NO3 is still at 200 ppm.  I have been overfeeding like most 
> beginners but have cut back tremendously.  What do I need to do to lower NO3?  I suspect 
> that I will need to empty the tank and clean the gravel (sweeping apparently isn't 
> enough).  Is there an easier way?
> Also, I purchased some "aquatic plant food" from a local pet/fish store (probably a bad 
> idea).  The tablets contain Nitrogen, Phosphoric acid and Potash.  When I use the 
> tablets as directed it raises the NH3 from 0 to 2-3 ppm.  Is this nornal when adding 
> fertilizer?
> One more question while I am asking.  Where can I find an iron test kit to test the iron 
> in my water?
> Thanks for helping a beginner!
> Kelvin Twigg

You asked where you could find some test kits.  That Fish Place in
Lancaster, has an excellent selection of every test kit you could need. 
Go to there home page where you can request catalogs or you can just
call them.


About your NO3 Problem, your overfeeding is probably a factor.  I would
not suggest taking down the tank and restarting as this will destroy and
beneficial bacteria.  Try increasing the frequency of your water
changes.  Keep doing this until your levels are where you want them. 
You also may want to test the quality of your water supply.  As for
cleaning the gravel, invest $5 on a siphon/gravel cleaner from that fish
place.  This device will allow you to clean your gravel and change your

Hope this helps

Jason Light
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