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Date: 18 Oct 96 08:36:16 EDT
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Subject: RE: Planting Suggestions

Dear Jason,

You wrote:
>>I am just starting to set up a planted tank.  I am looking for
>>suggestions on what plants to put in my tank.  Around where I live it
>>is extremely difficult to obtain plants, so I am also looking for a
>>reliable source.  Does anybody know of any?  Any other suggestions
>>would be appreciated.

Make sure you have adequate lighting for your tank.  You want to plan on 3 watts
per gallon in order to subdue algae problems somewhat.  Then try some nice
varieties like java fern, hygrophila polysperma, corkscrew val, and perhaps some
pygmy chain sword as a foreground plant.  If you don't already have one, get a
good basic reference such as A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquatic Plants, published
by Tetra, or Aquarium Plants, published by TFH.  


Darin Gasperson
The Aquatic Greenhouse