Re: Water temperature and fans

>>To lower temperatures, a simple fan can be more economical than a chiller.
>>We goldfish hobbyists blow a fan across the surface of the water to cool
>>tank temps.
>I have been talking about this to others and the question I asked was should
>you blow air ONTO the water surface or AWAY from the surface?

The air flow has to be across the top of the water. That way, evaporation
is hastened; the moisture is blown away, so to speak.

If by ONTO you mean a fan blowing directly down, perpendicular to the
surface of the water, and by AWAY you mean blowing almost parallel to the
water's surface, then I think either one would work.

Which one works better could be decided empirically. It sounds like one of
those college homework questions. ONTO directs more airflow onto the water
but AWAY may move more evaporation away from the water surface ...

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