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> From: "/PN=Steven.S.AMOR/OU=ENG4/O=SHELL AUSTRALIA/"@shell.otc.au
> I have been talking about this to others and the question I asked was should
> you blow air ONTO the water surface or AWAY from the surface?

You need to blow the air onto the surface. 
> What evidence is there to support the theory that this water temperature is
> bad?  I realise that disease can spread faster, but also I think that it
> encourages plant growth.  Would anyone know if it has any influence on CO2
> levels - I can turn my Dupla CO2 unit on very high and still not get my CO2
> levels into the 'high' range.

As for fish, higher temp increases their need for oxygen (due to 
faster rate of metabolism, I think) so that you need higher oxygen 
content in water. Different fishes adopt differently to that, for 
example goldfish have trouble already with moderately high temps. 


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