Water temperature and fans

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Subject: Water Temperature and fans
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>To lower temperatures, a simple fan can be more economical than a chiller.
>We goldfish hobbyists blow a fan across the surface of the water to cool
>tank temps.

I have been talking about this to others and the question I asked was should
you blow air ONTO the water surface or AWAY from the surface?

> The cooling happens by evaporation so have a lot of replacement
>water on hand.

I already loose a 5litre bucket of water each week to evaporation, and that's
with full glass covers on!

>Cheaper than chillers and a lot less work than bagging ice throughout the

>From what I have read everyone is concerned with high water temperatures, but
one of my points is that I can get up close to 40 degrees C (38 is probably the
hottest that I can remember) without any noticeable effect on fish or plants.

What evidence is there to support the theory that this water temperature is
bad?  I realise that disease can spread faster, but also I think that it
encourages plant growth.  Would anyone know if it has any influence on CO2
levels - I can turn my Dupla CO2 unit on very high and still not get my CO2
levels into the 'high' range.

Steve Amor

Steven.S.Amor at shell_otc.au