re: Aquarium Temperatures

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Date: 17 Oct 96 15:00:31 +1000
Subject: Re: Aquarium Temperatures


>Having been to Australia, I realise how nasty the summers could be. Daytime
>temperatures in excess of 40 degress celsius can be no bloody joke.
>In Singapore, it's perpetual summer, but temperatures rarely go in excess of
>33 degrees, given the high relative humidity. 35 was about the highest it
>ever went, and 32 would be considered a bloody hot day!
The temperatures that I am faced with are accompanied by very low humidity.

>So naturally, my water temperature without chilling will go up to 32 max. At
>this temp, I realised I could not grow several types of plants. My round
>Bacopas (Bacopa rotunifolia) would be a good example. My Java Moss just
>turns black in the water. Don't ask me why, but I find that you just can't
>just grow some plants in this high temp, wheras plants like Echindorus,
>Hygrophila, Anubias, Java Fern will be fine. The Madagascar Lace plant will
>definitely be a no-no in such temperatures :)

I have been having lots of trouble with lillaeopsis and some other type of
grass plant that I forget the name of.  Is there a correlation between growth
of grass-type plants and temperature?

>For fishes, my Discus simply relish this high temperature and there is no
>need for heaters here. The Cardinals are a litte uncomfortable though and I
>notice their red colour is more beautiful when conditions are around 27
>degrees celsius.

I have noticed that my harlequins have developed a very attractive red tinge to
their bodies and particularly tails since I moved to this area.

>One method I found which reduces water temperature considerably when things
>go a little out of hand is to put Freeze-packs into the tank. Get about 5 or
>6 and add them in one by one at intervals, depending on the size of your
>tank. A little troublesome though it is. THe best bet would be to try to get
>a used chiller. 

>From the levels of plant growth that I am getting and the fact that none of my
fish have died for a while I don't think I need spend the time (and money)
installing a chiller.

>Ciao, and good luck with the coming summer :)
>Calvin Chin
Steve.  Sorry if anyone else has responded to my original post, but one of my
e-mail accounts has apparently stopped working.  Hopefully, I will be able to
catch up when it returns!