Re: cutting vallis leaves


You *can* cut Vallisneria leaves back, but only up to a point. Unlike
grasses, which grow from the stem upwards, Vallisneria grows along the
entire length. So it isn't well adapted to regular cropping.

I crop Giant Vallis pretty hard, but only every few months. This is more
natural and the plants cope okay. It encourages new leaves and daughter
plants. On the other hand, it is often better to keep the younger plants
and give away the excess older ones. In the UK there is an 'old wives'
tale' that Vallis benefits from being uprooted every once in a while.
Certainly sand or gravel in the base of the leaves causes rot, and lifting
the top parts of the roots put is good.

My own observation is that the smaller vallis species and hybrids are less
robust or forgiving that V.asiatica or V.gigantea; both of which are nearly
indestructible, adapt to poor light and hard water.

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