Re: Cultivated Red Algae?

Hi Rochelle,

> water, it has high phosphates coming out of the tap.  I've decided to live 
> with the problem (the algae on the driftwood is probably 1 1/2" (4cm) long 
> and waves in the currents) and had mentioned this to my friend previously. 
>  After she saw the algae, she told me about a fish store near her house that 
> sold driftwood covered exactly like mine.  Imagine my surprise to find out 
> the store couldn't keep them in stock and they charge a lot for this 
> cultured driftwood (US$50 or more)!   So if you have red algae problems, 
> benefit from it.  Find a local store that's interested in "designer 
> decorated driftwood" and make a little money!  :-)
> Rochelle Williams
> williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil
> That wavy stuff on the driftwood is kind of nice now!

	The latest issue of TFH has an article on red algae.  I haven't
read it yet, but it looks beautiful when it grows on the rocks, not so
nice on plants though!  I've got some filamentous green algae if anyone
wants some ;-)!


Chris Teichreb