Cultivated Red Algae?

A friend who lives several hours away visited recently and saw my planted 
discus tank for the first time.  I've been pleased with the results except 
for red algae problems.  Black tufts grow on some of the swords, the back 
glass and cover the 2 large pieces of driftwood.  The problem is the local 
water, it has high phosphates coming out of the tap.  I've decided to live 
with the problem (the algae on the driftwood is probably 1 1/2" (4cm) long 
and waves in the currents) and had mentioned this to my friend previously. 
 After she saw the algae, she told me about a fish store near her house that 
sold driftwood covered exactly like mine.  Imagine my surprise to find out 
the store couldn't keep them in stock and they charge a lot for this 
cultured driftwood (US$50 or more)!   So if you have red algae problems, 
benefit from it.  Find a local store that's interested in "designer 
decorated driftwood" and make a little money!  :-)
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil
That wavy stuff on the driftwood is kind of nice now!