FW: "Free floating" green algae

Staffan said he's having trouble with free floating green algae in his tank. 
 This is frequently called "green water" and can be solved in several ways. 
 UV filter, micron filter, filter shrimp or daphnia will effectively strain 
the water and remove the algae.  All are highly recommended.  The use of 
algaecides will kill the green water algae but will also harm any higher 
plants in the tank plus suddenly release all the stored nitrogen (green 
water will outcompete some biological filters based on info posted to the 
Krib).  So if you use chemical weapons :-)  monitor the nitrogen cycle 
closely.  My recommendation is the micron filter followed by figuring out 
what triggered the bloom in the first place.  Try reducing lighting time 
each day and monitor macronutrient levels as a starting place.  Check out 
the Krib home page for additional info 
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil
Doing maintenance on a planted tank, even if you get soaking wet, is better 
than doing office work any day of the year.