Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #259

Hi Steve,

Being from Singapore, I guess I could dope you in a little pointer or two :)

>Despite reading about optimum temperatures in US / European texts, I have had
>no problem with these temperatures, in fact the plants seem to grow a little
>better.  I guess the key is that the tank heats up to this temperature slowly
>over a few months so the fish can adapt to it.

Having been to Australia, I realise how nasty the summers could be. Daytime
temperatures in excess of 40 degress celsius can be no bloody joke.

In Singapore, it's perpetual summer, but temperatures rarely go in excess of
33 degrees, given the high relative humidity. 35 was about the highest it
ever went, and 32 would be considered a bloody hot day!

So naturally, my water temperature without chilling will go up to 32 max. At
this temp, I realised I could not grow several types of plants. My round
Bacopas (Bacopa rotunifolia) would be a good example. My Java Moss just
turns black in the water. Don't ask me why, but I find that you just can't
just grow some plants in this high temp, wheras plants like Echindorus,
Hygrophila, Anubias, Java Fern will be fine. The Madagascar Lace plant will
definitely be a no-no in such temperatures :)

For fishes, my Discus simply relish this high temperature and there is no
need for heaters here. The Cardinals are a litte uncomfortable though and I
notice their red colour is more beautiful when conditions are around 27
degrees celsius.

Yes, one thing is for sure, there is no need for UGH. Adding UGH seems to
make it the gravel a hotbed for algal growth! 

One method I found which reduces water temperature considerably when things
go a little out of hand is to put Freeze-packs into the tank. Get about 5 or
6 and add them in one by one at intervals, depending on the size of your
tank. A little troublesome though it is. THe best bet would be to try to get
a used chiller. Look out in your local classifieds for people giving up on
their marine reef systems. You may be able to get a steal through one of
these. It is marginally possible to convert a used bar fridge into a tank
chiller though (so says my dad) but I don't know of anyone who tried. Does
anyone here know of any DIY chiller system?

Ciao, and good luck with the coming summer :)

Calvin Chin