Re: small foreground plant suggestions

Hi Dan,

> I'm looking for some new plants for my 10 gallon tank that is kept on my desk
> at work.  I currently have  lots of water sprite and a litte Java fern. I want
> short foreground plants that will cover the bottom portion of the tank.  Any
> ideas ?
> Dan Simon
> Seattle, WA
	If you can find it, try Echinodorus tenellus or E. quadricostatus.
Both are very short and are perfect foreground plants.  They grow and
spread quickly as well.  Another possibility is to try and anchor down
some Riccia with fine netting.  The Riccia then grows through the mesh
and forms a sort of grass on the bottom.  


Chris Teichreb
Department of Biology
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

teichrch at meena_cc.uregina.ca