Re: hygrophillia

>There is one variety of H. polysperma that I read somewhere is not known to
>flower, but the other Hyrogphilas often flower when emersed if they get
>decent light.  Roughly two years ago I remember seeing an article in FAMA
>(Freshwater and Marine Aquarium) claiming that emersed plants in an
>aquarium had greater powers of nutrient extraction than submersed plants,
>and, with a good growth of well-lit emersed plants, you wouldn't have any
>algae problems.  There might be something to that claim, because emersed
>plants have access to the atmosphere for CO2, and this can give them a
>growth advantage over submersed plants.

Interesting, I'll let it do it's thing then and see what happens.

As an aside, if anyone is interested, I've found that a houseplant called
the lipstick plant (a type of vine with red tubular flowers) grows rather
well out of my whisper filter. I've also had much success with another type
of plant (don't know it's name off hand) which is about 2.5 feet high and
very bushy at the moment growing out of my 10 gallon's whisper filter.

>Since I gave you all this priceless information, how about a good deal on
>an upgrade to Filemaler Pro!  :-)

Sorry, you'll have to talk to Claris about that one :-).

- Paul

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