Re: cyanobacteria from Flourish?

> From: "David W. Webb" <dwebb at ti_com>
> I started adding Flourish to my tank several months ago instead of just
> Duplaplant 24 drops because some of my plants were showing a K deficiency.
> I think I will probably be adding micronized iron to the tank substrate
> soon however, because I think the Flourish isn't high enough in Fe.  With
> no changes in the tank other than the switch in fertilizers, I'm now
> experiencing significant cyanobacteria growth.  Previously, you could

	Hey, I started supplementing the Dupla with Flourish a few months
	ago, myself, and I've had lots of blue-green algae recently.  I was
	wondering myself whether it was the Flourish or something new
	in our city water.

	I did leave the Flourish out of the refrigerator for a couple of
	days by mistake -- it has a little smell -- maybe I ought to toss it.

> search for cyanobacteria and find it, but it wasn't evident in large
> amounts.

	I never saw any before, but I just cleaned out several large globs of
	the stuff and it's still all in wy Myriophylum.

	Can Flourish rot?  According to the label it's got amino acids.

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