Duplaplant & Duplaplant24

> From: Edwin Chin <cfc at pacific_net.sg>
> Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 22:12:22 +0800
> Subject: Water condtioners- are they absolutely necessary?
> Given the recent hulla-bulla over trace elements like potassium, calcium,
> zinc and all, I've started to worry about not having enough of these trace
> elements in my water as the only water conditioner I use is anti-chlorine
> crystals during my water change.
> My question is, are water conditioners absolutely necessary? I understand
> they don't come cheap. Prices range from the cut-throat Duplagan to the
> equally expensive Tetra ones, going to ones bordering on gimmicks like
> "Geoliquid" (which I actually tried and burnt a hole in my student budget).
> THey all claim to contain special chemicals which calms the fish and contain
> trace elements necessary for plant growth, simulating nutrients found in
> natural water sources. But my fish and plants have been ok so far without
> any of these and I would like to see if you guys, who like me, do not use
> any of these stuff, have any trace element deficiency.
> I currently use Duplaplant and Duplaplant 24. Would these be enough to
> supply all nutrients and trace elements necessary? I'm in fact considering
> switching to Tropica's Master grow given the increase in Dupla's prices (yet
> again). Would I be missing something if I do?
> Calvin Chin

Yap. You are not the only one. I myself have beautiful healthy fish and
flourish planted tank without the use of any conditioner.

Actually water conditioner is towards the health and well-being of your
fish - according to Dupla! It contains all necessary elements found in
natural waters. It provides colloids and bactericides that limit
development of skin and scale bacterial build-up. Dupla added that,
after adding Duplagan to your water, fish are more lively, have a better
appetite and spawn more readily.

HOWEVER, even in my early aqua-days, when I only add anti-chlorine to my
Discus tank and with pH of 8 (urgh!), those creatures can still spawn!!

But of course, a tank well taken off is the essential element.
Cleanliness, food, temp., etc.

As I moved ahead and discovered the beauty of a plantd tank, I never
looked back. I followed closely Dupla's recommendation with some
acceptions. One of them is without the usage of Duplagan! (ha ha!!).

Currently I have a 4-foot tank with only the essential hardware -  CO2
injection, pH controller, dosing pump (I travel alot !!).

I used about 80kg of gravel (2-3mm , lime free). I bought it over a
store in Pandan Indah, Selangor. From the packing, it was mentioned that
it came all the way from Holland. And it costs Malaysia Ringgit (RM)
50.00 for a pack of 25kg. I bought 4 bags, the extra for the topping of
house plants! Added Duplarit G in the bottom 1/3.

Last month I was in Amsterdam (IBC 96), and I did came across that sort
of gravel. Looks exactly the same!!

I changed the tank water every week. About 25-50%. Then adding
Duplaplantright after. And 4 drops of Duplaplant daily. I used Arcadia
Metal Halide lighting. A second hand lighting unit that I bought from
my  fish store. Still good but expensive bulb - RM 380 for the bulb
itself. I intend to switch to Dupla's MH in the year end. After the
yearly bonus!!

You see, I preferred using Dupla's product, at least when it comes to
'things' inside the tank. Because mixed system tend NOT to work well!!

I get my supplies from Aquatechnic Pte Ltd. A store in Kampung Kayu
Road. My latest purchased were:
Duplaplant 24 (50ml)			SGD 22.65
Duplaplant (50 tablets/50 litres)	SGD 60.49
KH+GH Bildner (30 tablets)		SGD 26.97

These are still cheap (after currency exchange and transportation) if
compared to the price in Kuala Lumpur. They really cut my throat.

If my instinct is right, are you and Calvin Chin (with identical email
address) somehow related?

Below were my email with him early today:

> At 09:57 14/10/96 +0800, Zon Hisham Bin Zainal Abidin wrote:
> >Read actwin.com and that's where I get your email address.
> Nice to meet you too, Zon.
> >But I have read in Practical Fishkeeping that, do not ever use laterite
> >in a tank with no Under Gravel Heater. They claimed that the gravel will
> >turn black.
> >I use Duplarit G and my fish store in Pandan Indah, also ddo not any UGH
> >and have a very beautiful planted tank. Now I am convinced that we do
> >not need any UGH. 
> >BUT what about the convection current that Dupla was mentioning. They
> >claimed that convection current from the heating cable is necessary for
> >creating a sort of nutrient spring. Can we do without this ???
> My own *guess* is that the gravel will turn sort of black in temperate
> climates but not so in our tropical climates as the temperature of the whole
> tank at equilibrium is somewhat similar to room temperature. I have just
> dismantled my old tank 2 months ago after running it for a year with
> Duplarit G and the bottom was perfect - not black or noxious but just very
> brown and a little dirty with fish waste :)
> THe only benefit heating will bring as I see is as you said, the nutrient
> spring effect. But it seems that plants do not need this to grow well.
> Perhaps, it'll even experience better growth if you do have one like this,
> if you don't mind spending a lot of money on the cables, thermostat and a
> chiller (to cool down the water back to 29). On the down side, Aquatechnic
> revealed to me that heating the gravel in tropical calimates causes an
> outbreak of algae on the gravel itself too.
> >
> >Now, I bought most of Dupla products in S'pore. From a store known as
> >Aquatechnic Pte Ltd in Kampung Kayu Road. I usually liased with Mr.
> >Peter Ho - a very nice chap.>
> >Do you get your supplies from there too? Or is there any other Dupla
> >store in town?
> Aquatechnic is the only shop that deals with Dupla equipment and accessories
> in SIngapore. Very expensive, I reckon.
> >And finally, are there nursery in S'pore that deals with aquatic plants.
> >And can I buy from them?
> >
> Yes there are many in fact, but most won't take time off their regular
> regime to serve you unless you specify you'll be buying like a hundered
> bucks worth of plants from them! They'll tell you to get them from a shop
> instead! However, I do get my plants from a nursery which I have developed a
> personal contact with. It is located at 15, Lim Chu Kang Lane 6C. Name is
> Teo's Aquatic plants. However, these dudes know very little English and I do
> my bidding with them in Hokkien and Mandarin. Let me know if you'll be
> coming donw to Singapore and I can arrange to a trip there.
> BTW, you mentioned you have a fish shop? That's excellent!
> >rgds.
> >Zon Hisham, TV3
> erm, kawan, you work to TV3 too??? :)
> Calvin Chin

Yes, Calvin was right. We, in the tropic, need a chiller to cool down
thing. In fact, I emailed to Dupla in Germany, concerning this same
problem. They forwarded the mail to Mr. Edwin (Aquatechnic!!) who gave
me a call half an hour ago. Mr Edwin recommended to me a chiller from
Italy that could stripped me right down to my underwear at a COOL SGD
1958.00 (only). According to him, Dupla's chiller is much more

Well, for now, let us in the tropic with a tank having a temp. of 29-30C
without the use of any form of heating, FORGET TOTALLY about under
gravel heater. Calvin have success without it and a very good reason of
not using one. The store that I bought my supplies too have a
flourishing planted tank (and bloomimg too) withou the use of UGH.

But Calvin, I have cleared up my 'Sent to' folder, did I ever mentioned
that I run a fish store? NO, I actually don't. I only work as
Information Technology Executive (in charge of LAN and WAN) in TV3.

Edwin and Chin, nice writing and knowing you. And I do plan to go down
to S'pore, maybe during the Christmas sale. I want to visit Aquatechnic
and maybe even Dupla S'pore, if I can find the time.

Zon Hisham
**** playing QUAKE (PC Game) in hot and sunny Kuala Lumpur.