Re: Miracle-Gro 6-12-6 plant food spikes

Brian Forsythe asked about the use of plant food spikes with
the chemical composition as outlined below.

Total Nitrogen(N):  6%
        Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen:  3.08%
        Urea Nitrogen:  0.75%
        Water Insoluble Nitrogen:  2.17%
Available Phosphoric Acid(P2O5):  12%
Soluble Potash(K2O):  6%
Magnesium(Mg), water soluble:  0.50%
Boron(B):  0.02%
Copper(Cu)(Chelated):  0.05%
Iron(Fe)(Chelated):  0.15%
Manganese(Mn), water soluble:  0.05%
Zinc(Zn)(Chelated):  0.05%

The phosphate is likely to give you algae problems especially at the
beginning. You're going to run out of nitrogen and potasssium long
before the phosphate stops leeching into the tank. There's really
very little iron for long term growth. To counter both deficiencies,
I'd advise you to supplement with PMDD or something similar.

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