Re: plant food

Hi Brian,

> The question I have is about plant food.  I'd like a few people's
> thoughts on the plant food I chose.  I couldn't find anything else
> even close to what Jim mentioned in his article.  What I'm using is
> Miracle-Gro 6-12-6 plant food spikes.  Here's the breakdown:
> Total Nitrogen(N):  6%
> 	Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen:  3.08%
> 	Urea Nitrogen:  0.75%
> 	Water Insoluble Nitrogen:  2.17%
> Available Phosphoric Acid(P2O5):  12%
> Soluble Potash(K2O):  6%
> Magnesium(Mg), water soluble:  0.50%
> Boron(B):  0.02%
> Copper(Cu)(Chelated):  0.05%
> Iron(Fe)(Chelated):  0.15%
> Manganese(Mn), water soluble:  0.05%
> Zinc(Zn)(Chelated):  0.05%
	Big problems with algae if you use this.  This is a 
terrestrial fertilizer and is not at all suited for aquatic
plants (well, for algae it is).  The high phosphorus content
combined with the high nitrogen content will cause a huge
algal bloom in the aquarium.  Buy an aquatic plant fertilizer
that doesn't have P in it.  You'll be a lot happier with the


Chris Teichreb