Clown Loaches and Malaysian Trumpets

>I had to remove all Ampularias, but I've never seen success in getting
>to a Malaysian Trumpet Snail...

I have been trying to get a colony of Malaysian Trumpet Snails established
in my 135 for quite awhile now, although I have finally quite referring to
the transplants from the other tanks as seeders. Now I simply call them
extra protein for the Clown Loaches. The threshold of the Loach lair is
littered with the empty shells of Malaysian Trumpets. The loaches have to
work for their treats, but they do get them in the end. I think some of the
snails survive in the gravel and I know there are some in the filters, but
those are the lucky ones. One thing about it though, from my original start
of five Malaysian Trumpets, I do have two tanks that have more than plenty
to share.

Susan in Kansas where the weather this week has been perfect -- one of the
two or three weeks out of the year when it is so.

schroedr at tyrell_net