Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #248

> From: Don Hutton/Omnipoint <dhutton at omnipoint_com>
> Subject: 250 gallon planted tank

Don, that tank should be WONDERFUL when it is ready!  I just hope that
you have long arms, because it is so deep :-)  
> 5.  How many SAE's and black mollies or other algae eating fish would be 
> recommended?

If you don't mind having lots and lots of nice, beautiful algae eaters
there, you could even try:
12 SAEs
20 Otocinclus cats
8 Bristlenose plecos (Ancistrus)
10 or more sturdy livebearers - I don't recommend mollies for soft water,
   but platies or perhaps butterfly goodeids (Ameca splendens) could do
   better.  You might have to take them away later, if the water is too
   soft and acidic for them.

If you are afraid that bristlenoses eat your plants (they sometimes do),
get Farlowellas or other skinny stick-like cats instead of them.  They
are not as good with green algae as bristlies, but they should be more
gentle to your plants.

Liisa Sarakontu