Growing Eroicaulon setaceum

This plant is absolutely beautiful, looking like a cross between a very large millfoil and Eusteralis stalata (only bigger). It is a native aquatic to Australia and is pale green in colour, forms unbranched stems to 60cm long with crowded thread-like leaves to 8cm long. The flowers extend on long stalks and float on the waters surface. They are white, small globular and about 4cm in diameter. As the flowers die back, the seed ripens to form small black balls that then float away. 

The plant is an annual and seeds every Autumn. Plants do not transplant well from the wild and seed collection is said to be the best way to get the plant to grow in an aquarium.

Having been out into the wild and seen this fantastic plant, and having read all the literature I have on the subject, I collected some seed stalks and would like to know if anyone else has grown this plant successfully.

What is the best way to germinate the seeds and should it be done in the aquarium or separately say in damp cotton wool soaked in water kept at a temperature of 25-26 degrees Celcius?

Would providing a type of fertiliser help and if so what?

Yours Marque

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