Clown Loaches and Malaysian Trumpets

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 WR-D> Does anyone keep clown loaches with a thriving colony of Malaysian
 WR-D> snails? 
 WR-D> I have such a horrible problem with pond snails that I currently have
 WR-D> 4  little guys in quarantine.  The main tank is a 125g planted discus
 WR-D> community  tank.  Yes, the snails are in the gravel but are
 WR-D> frequently seen on the top  of the gravel and even on the glass.  I'm
 WR-D> sure with a natural predator in  the tank they will seek cover in the
 WR-D> substrate, but will they survive with  clown loaches in the tank all
 WR-D> the time?  Any comments are appreciated. Rochelle Williams

The loaches are not able to get to Malaysian Trumpet snails
due to a couple of reasons. These guys have a very strong
shell which is not easy to break (Ampularia shells can be
broken by a clown loach), and they also have a cover on the
opening, so in case of danger they hide fast enough. I have
a thriving colony with Skunk loaches which are even more
aggressive against snails that Clowns are... I had to remove
all Ampularias, but I've never seen success in getting to a
Malaysian Trumpet Snail...

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