terrestrial plant?? (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 09 Oct 96 10:23:00 edt
From: "VERMILLION, DIANNE" <DVER at son_rochester.edu>
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Subject: terrestrial plant??

Hello, I'm new to the list and I've been lurking for a while, but a previous 
post got my attention and I'd like some help because I think I was sold a 
terrestrial plant as an aquarium plant. It looks nothing at all like 
anything in my aquarium plants book and no other pet store has had them or 
knows what I'm asking about. It was in the Discus tank and did not have 
roots when it was bought 2+ months ago from a pet store out of town. It has 
roots now and a new leaf ready t o unfurl.

 What bothers me is that the plant looks just like the terrestrial "corn 
plant"  except it has red rims to its leaves and otherwise  is not 
It has long slender pointed, dark green  leaves coming off a central stem. 
 The stem has a wrapped appearance and the leaves come off  whirled in 
position from the stem.   The leaves are very thick and stiff (thicker than 
Echino... orsisis or Anubias barteri ).   The leaves  have lots of veins and 
the angelfish and rainbows have taken enough bites out of one of the leaves 
of  the plant leaving behind the veins blowing in the current  (which I 
trimmed off). Is it terrestrial?

I also have a question about liquid fertilization...I use the seachem 
flourish--trace minerals are good I know, but Choline, Biotin??? These are 
organics and will the plants get them or the bacteria or the fish? Did I buy 
something they  don't need? The plants and fish look very healthy, though.

Thank you very much for your help.
Dianne Vermillion