Re: Plants dying



The algaecide that you used IS the problem and the answer.  These are
all systemics and absorbed by the plants.  Chances are, they will all
die.  Change lots of water before replacing all your plants!  I don't
know why these products say that they are safe for plants when they are
made from simarzine.

> The only logical conclusion I can come to is the algaecide I've used 3 weeks
> ago. THey were in the tank for a week and the water has been completely
> changed 3 times since and carbon filtration was also used to remove any
> trace of toxics. Does this work seem to be the effect of algaecides? The
> dosage I used was the recommended one and it says it will not harm any
> plants. I had a big problem with red and beard algae.
> What are the remedies for me at this moment? Should I add my newly purchased
> Java Fern, Nymphoides aquatica and Anubias glabra to my tank now?

Anyhow, pass it on.  Never use an algaecide in a planted aquarium unless
your plants are ("ugh") plastic!

Better luck next time.