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From: Calvin Chin <cfc at pacific_net.sg>
Subject: Help! Anubias and other plants dying!
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 22:45:35 +0800
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Hi folks,

I wonder if this has happn'd to any of you before, and if it has, please
give me your advice as soon as possible as I'm pretty distressed at what my
plants are undergoing at the moment.

Alright, to put it simply, my Anubias, which are reputed to be
indestructible, are dying by the dozens! The leaves turned yellow within a
day starting from last week. Now, I have full green leaves with several
spots in the leaves or the sides of the leaves rotting through and others
becoming transparent. Is this some kind of widespread disease? this is not
in particular confined to Anubias Bateri Nana (which is my majority species
of Anubias), but to my Anubias Afezelii (or lanceolate, I think). 

The damage is not confined to Anubias species. My Aponogeton loriae have all
died of by now, but the Aponogeton ulvaceus seem to be unaffected. Some of
my Echindorus seem to have got it too, with whole leaves becoming
transparent or having the "brown spots" which soon rot through. 

My Nymphea was also quite badly affected and it has no more leaves, save for
a few still submerged but visibly damaged.

Plants which seem to be unaffected:
Crinum thaianum (growing very well!)
Hygrophila polysperma (growing, but I have lots of dead leaves every day
All Cryptocorynes

All the above plants do not exhibit the symptoms.

My tank setup is as follows:
75 g,
150W metal halide 5500K
Dupla plant fertillser and Dupla 24 daily fertilliser
Ph is 7.15, controlled by C02
overflow filtration
water hardness: 2 degrees KH
no water conditioner used other than basic anti-chlorine solution

The only logical conclusion I can come to is the algaecide I've used 3 weeks
ago. THey were in the tank for a week and the water has been completely
changed 3 times since and carbon filtration was also used to remove any
trace of toxics. Does this work seem to be the effect of algaecides? The
dosage I used was the recommended one and it says it will not harm any
plants. I had a big problem with red and beard algae.

What are the remedies for me at this moment? Should I add my newly purchased
Java Fern, Nymphoides aquatica and Anubias glabra to my tank now?

Thanks a lot for your help folks.
Calvin Chin