Re: Rotala wallichii

>From: Jack.Hardie at ashridge_org.uk (Jack Hardie)
>Subject: Limnophila Replacement

>     Dennerle says it needs a lot of light and it's getting it in my tank.
>     It looks quite impressive and the description 'fluffy' is quite apt.
>     So far no runners but it may not have had time to marshal its invading
>     forces yet. Anyone out there had experience with this plant?
I have had R. wallichii for about a year, now and it has not shown any
invasive tendencies.  It was a little slow to get started.  It would send
up a short stalk that would stop growing, and then send up another that
would get a little further before stopping.  New stalks came from the base
of the plant.  The more recent growth has been up to a foot long, and, last
month, I cut it all back to only about three inches because it was shading
out some other plants.   Recovery has been quick, with the plant sending up
about 5 new stalks, that have already reached the surface.

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