Java fern leaves colourless

Hi all,

	I have some Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) in a ten
gallon growing on driftwood.  The only tank inhabitants are
a few livebearers as well as a single Oto cat (the other's 
passed on).  Filtration is just a corner filter with carbon
added.  All parameters are fine.  Water change is about 15%
weekly.  Light is a single 25 watt bulb with diffused daylight
until noon daily.  Light is on 14 hours a day.

	The problem is that the new leaves or plantlets that
the Java fern is producing are very light in colour.  At the
tips of the leaves, they are actually almost clear.  It's as
though it's not manufacturing chlorophyll.  The only possibility
I could think of is that it's due to potassium deficiency.  Can
anyone tell me if this is what the probable cause is, or can
you point me in the direction of what else may be going wrong?


Chris Teichreb
Department of Biology
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

teichrch at Meena_CC.URegina.CA