MagnaTek starters

To All:

I bought a 55 gal acrylic aquarium setup that has two 
light hoods.  In each hood is only one 15" fluorescent
light.  Each light has was must be called an 
"electronic ballast" because there is no starter that
I can see.  The hood is a very simple affair with only
endcaps to hold the lamp and a simple on off switch.  
The starter is a large (about the size of my fist) 
hexagonal shaped thing that plugs into the wall.  In
other words the plug is on the electronic device and
then a wire goes up to the hood.  Anyway on the electronic
device is this information:  MagnaTek Universal, Cat No.
201-A-P, 14-20 watt lamps only, Class P reactor ballast.

My question is does anyone have any information on these.
Are they any good?  I have read in here that the hotter
the ballast the more inefficient it is.  These bad boys
get really hot!  I would like to increase my lighting
from 30W (2 x 15W) to at least 60W.  Does anyone know
where to get more of these or should I get rid of them
and use a more powerful electronic ballast?  Are all
electronic ballasts as expensive as the Ice Cap ones
in my catalogue ($174.84)?  I live in Korea so I cannot
go to the nearest lighting warehouse, I must use a